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Improve your Performance with our SSO and Identity Management

CeleraOne provides with its Single Sign-on the whole range of access and identity management across all digital channels and devices.

Scalable powerful SSO

The highly scalable Single Sign-on is an authentication solution where just one login account is necessary to access all your apps, websites, and offered services, and get a single view of user identities. The user identification management is perfectly integrated and offers complete user and session management that includes registration, login, account completion, and “forgot password”.

With the option of Social-logins, you allow users to access through their Facebook or Google logins. This streamlines the user experience by removing the need to create and remember a new password. 

With our Auto-login feature the first login links the sessions and provides a user-friendly solution whereby users need to enter their login and password just once per device. 

This makes it so easy to use for readers, saves them a lot of time, and reduces demands on support for password resets.

Seamless Cross-Platform Sync

Unlock user access to all of your services where they have entitlements for your content on e-paper, apps, website content, webinars, podcasts, etc. Cross-platform synchronization transmits all actions that a user sets when logged in, such as bookmark settings, last read content, and content preferences, in real time and to all devices.

In addition, our own App SDK allow you to sync In-App Purchases. Purchases are synced back from the App Store and Google Play Store to our SSO. The user can access all entitled services purchased in the app for all platforms and devices. The CeleraOne Single Sign-on solution enables a user login in Android even if the user purchased a subscription in iTunes.

This gives customers a consistent and easy login experience across all devices and applications.

Advanced Opt-in Management

In order to use a publisher’s offer or an SSO service, users have to agree to various conditions.

With CeleraOne’s advanced Opt-in Management all agreements to conditions (terms and conditions, data protection declaration, tracking and advertising consent, newsletter subscription) are saved and can be managed in one platform. Conditions of a single user for different services can be integrated into the flows for registration and login.

See all the Advantages of the CeleraOne Single Sign-on

User Management

Manage SSO user accounts in our cockpit through all of your apps and services. This enables the complete management of master data, user properties, opt-ins, product ownership, and active sessions of an SSO user.
Manage users for all brands and stores.

Own App SDK

Our SDK for native iOS and Android apps enable you to see In-App purchases for logged in users and even for anonymous users. By assigning them to the SSO user, In-App purchases can also generate cross-device authorizations. Purchases, entitlements, and Opt-ins are synched back. In-App purchases are no longer just limited to the app where a user made a subscription, and are finally visible for publishers.

Flexible Opt-in

Manage Opt-ins and force consent to individual Opt-ins during registration or a later login. Handle terms & conditions or consent for newsletters. In addition, these consents can be set or removed manually in the user administration. Registered users’ consent to certain terms of use is the basis for access control.

Access Control

Allow access based on different entitlements as document type (articles, videos, podcast), time intervals, purchases, page viewed, user events, etc. with a cross-device authorization.
A limitation of simultaneous login sessions can be enforced.

Full SSO Flows

CeleraOne’s Single Sign-on module enables you to manage the full SSO flow from user registration, with a ReCaptcha feature to an account activation email, and from an account completion, a password reset email to a “remember me” time out.

Cross-Service Login

Simplify the user sign-up by providing various 3rd party logins like Sign-in with Apple, Google, netID, etc. Offer a seamless login for a better user experience. Allow readers to have their data on which ever device they are reading (including native apps).

What Customers Say About CeleraOne

“We put our readers and users in the foreground and offer them a brand experience that is tailored to them individually and in real time. Only in this way can we manage to create loyal users and bind them to our products and brands in the long term. Solid user identification and addressing options, coupled with the required targeting at the right time, provide the basis necessary to make paid content features really work.”
Nicolas L. Fromm
Nicolas L. Fromm
Managing Director Digital at mh:n digital gmbh
“With CeleraOne we have found a partner that provides scalable technical solutions and has experience of single sign-on and live CRM, but that is also excellently suited to our agile development team in terms of its methods and the way it works, and all of this adds up to a very good collaboration.”
Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
Former Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
“CeleraOne’s real-time-capable technology is a component of our future publication platform. The state-of-the-art identity management enables us to optimize our added value via intelligent paywalls while simultaneously providing a relevant information supply for our readers.”
Andreas Bossecker
Andreas Bossecker
CTIO bei NZZ Media Group in Zurich
“CeleraOne’s technology consistently combines data from different sources and extracts the most important information from big data in real time in order to target customers specifically. This enables us to continually optimize our digital product range.”
Christian Röpke
Christian Röpke
“CeleraOne enables us to provide personalized product recommendations in real time, even with our high access numbers, and to configure them dynamically.”
Samir Fadlallah
Samir Fadlallah
CIO and Managing Director at SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG
“Through real-time evaluation of dynamic rules, we can flexibly optimize – without any programming work – the time and criteria for activating our digital subscription models.”
Peter Buhr
Peter Buhr
Senior Consultant Digital & Innovations bei Axel Springer AG

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