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How publishers can accelerate their growth strategies with server-side integration and tracking

29 Jan, 2021 - 4 minutes read
How publishers can accelerate their growth strategies with server-side integration and tracking

The server-side integration and tracking of the CeleraOne Paid Content Software opens up great growth opportunities for publishers.

In particular, server side tracking offers data quality through a consistent 1st party data source after the third-party cookies have ended. Above all, this data enables more insight into the customer journey and ensures data ownership for publishers. 1st party data empowers publishers to deepen their relationship with readers and increases engagement, and thus grows their competitiveness. Because raw data that news publishers own is an existential component of future growth opportunities.

Use it to realize your paid content potential by accurately tracking which content is requested and displayed by the user. A data-driven evaluation of which content performs best is the basis for increasing reading engagement.

The data is available for real-time use. With the data, it is possible to immediately create segments to tailor content and offers to the readers.

The collected data is essential 1st party data and can be anonymized transferred to 3rd party platforms, and processed, such as DMP, ad servers, BI tools, CMS, etc.

Improved page speed and SEO ranking for news sites

One of the advantages of the server-side setting is the optimized speed of the website. That contributes significantly to an improved SEO ranking, which is essential for the visibility of news sites. The client-side is relieved by the server-side integration since most of the processes take place in the publisher’s backend.

Our solution works directly between the publisher’s CMS and the content delivered to the reader’s browser. Only authorized readers can see the content. Unauthorized access from outside is not possible due to the server-side integration.

The verification of authorization is performed in milliseconds on the publisher’s backend before delivery to the reader’s browser. Every unauthenticated and unauthorized content request is redirected automatically to the defined alternative content (reduced content or landing page).

Thanks to the integration within the publisher’s infrastructure, the CeleraOne software prevents content from being delivered in the backend. Therefore the content is not available in the client (reader’s browser) if there is no authorization. The content is consequently protected against any unauthorized use.

Hence, the website’s personalization is in real-time, which reduces delays and, therefore, user-exits.

What is client-side integration?

When you integrate software on the client-side, you integrate it into the news page. Since all processes run through the website, the website performance suffers. The page speed is slower than with a server-side integration, which negatively affects the Google ranking.

With client-side tracking, many factors play a role that can prevent, manipulate or falsify data-tracking. Ad blockers, browser extensions, and legal restrictions on the use of cookies falsify the data collection. That leads to a high loss of data and a considerable imbalance in the customer journey’s consideration. On the other side, server-side tracking is prone to be noisy because of a lot of tracking data received by automated access, e.g., search engine crawlers. Especially news sites are often crawled by not well-behaved bots or even malicious requests, which also add to extra data that does not reflect actual usage.

Our experience in almost a decade of analyzing server-side tracking helps to mitigate these downsides and make server-side tracking a valuable asset.

The competitive advantages of server-side integration and tracking for publishers summarized:

  • 100% essential 1st party data
  • Data can be forwarded anonymized to third-party platforms
  • Higher data quality than with the tracking methods customary on the market
  • Faster website speed
  • Better SEO ranking
  • Real-time personalization of the website

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