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Review 2020

29 Jan, 2021 - 4 minutes read
Review 2020

The entire CeleraOne team would like to thank all customers and partners for an extraordinary 2020!

Last year has been especially challenging not only because of the corona pandemic. In spring, we already made sure that our employees stay safe and healthy in home office.

In consequence, we could guarantee our customers that their publishing business runs smoothly. With even more commitment to our software and more effort from our employees, we could ensure that.

Nevertheless, despite the unusual requirements, our customers could grow exceptional in digital subscriptions.

🎉 We are excites about our customers extraordinary successes in digital subscription growth for 2020:

  • +42% Tamedia
  • +25% Neue Zürcher Zeitung
  • +100% Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • +35% ZEIT ONLINE
  • +10% BILDplus 
  • +150% Rheinische Post
  • +50% Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • +500% NWZ*
  • reached 150,000 NOZ

*since 2018

Further customers and Go-Lives accomplished in 2020:

We are looking forward to working with our new publishers and being part of their digital subscriptions journey. We briefly introduce our new publishers:

Media Pioneer pursues a digital-only approach with its innovative membership model. The concept is based on analyzes and assessments of selected topics from politics and business.

Stampen Media is one of Scandinavia’s largest newspaper publishers for local news. Stampen publishes newspapers such as Göteborgs-Posten.

CH Media is a Swiss media company with a significant regional alignment arisen of NZZ Mediengruppe and AZ Medien.

Hanser Verlag is a leader in industrial trade magazines covering a wide range of technical topics for an engineering target group.

Innovations in the CeleraOne organization and customer event:

The Customer Circle 2020 took place as an online event at the beginning of December. It was a great event with many interesting sessions around the topic of hands-on CeleraOne with speakers from both publishers and partners.

Have a look at some insights you can find below:

Furthermore, there were substantial changes in the CeleraOne organization. We introduced to our customers an agency- and a customer success-unit to guarantee even better customer support and a higher service level.

With workshops and training, we consult publishers, in order to drive their paid content strategies.

2020, an eventful year:

Not only Corona but also the US election in 2020 caused significant traffic on the news sites. Sudden traffic peaks, therefore, had to be absorbed to meet the high demand for information.

The investments in our hosting strategy have paid off for our publishers. 

Neither the immense influx of readers due to the corona pandemic nor that of the US election campaign could affect the real-time performance of our customer’s news pages.

Since the high volume of traffic places a significant burden on the server, we have perfected the server configuration so that news pages function smoothly even with exceptionally high traffic loads. The special performance and reliability of the CeleraOne in-memory system make it possible. A temporary doubling or tripling of traffic volume is achievable very well this way.

Therefore, this year’s traffic peaks were a reason for joy for our publishers.

In the new year, we will keep you up to date with our newsletter, paid content blog, and case studies on our customers’ success stories and paid content best practices.

We look forward to starting the exciting year 2021 with you!

Your CeleraOne-team

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