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Our 3 paid content modules provide publishers with everything to optimize conversion continuously and in real time. Powerful alone, invincible together.

All-in-One Platform for Successful Publishers

Our paid content platform enables publishers to grow and maximize the revenue from their digital content.


Paid content can only take off if the marketing and product teams at publishing houses are able to configure and change their strategy quickly and agilely without IT support.

Simply create different user journeys, products, offers, price points, and personalized messages for your paid content strategy. You can do this directly in our user-friendly cockpit for all standard use cases, with no programming knowledge required. 

All rules and actions can be configured in real time. Set up your new product and launch it within minutes. 

More Engagement

Make contact with your readers and engage them with personalized content even before they are registered. Collect first-party user data before a paywall is displayed and identify every reader interaction across all devices and platforms. 

Keep your readers engaged to build up a strong bond and brand loyalty. Re-engage users who have been absent for a longer period. Encourage your readers to return to your content as often as possible through personalized content recommendations. Use reader behavioral data for your CRM to update users in a newsletter about new content based on their preferences. 

All this will consolidate subscriber loyalty and transform current for-free-readers into prospects. 

More Subscription

CeleraOne provides a full solution for developing your readership into prospects and subscribers. Turn fly-by visitors into loyal readers by creating flexible rules that trigger actions for conversion.

Design advanced user journeys tailored to user preferences and user groups. Create user groups to be as targeted as you need them.

Convert readers to subscribers when they are ready. Address your potential customers with content and offers that interest them and guide them through the conversion funnel to a subscription. Manage the whole customer lifecycle in a single location. 

More Revenue

Get full insight with our analytics dashboard and heat maps for traffic, top articles, registrations, and subscriptions. See where your subscription potential lies and which customer approach has been the most effective.

A/B testing shows you which offers lead to more conversions and quickly identifies users that are ready to pay. Track in real-time when potential subscribers are visiting your website, no matter which device they are using. 

Improve your user journeys and make data-based decisions to retain paying customers and increase reader revenue. Concentrate on the most promising readers and potential subscribers, and make the most suitable offers based on the readers’ content preferences.

More Flexibility

Create a customized paid content strategy that is as individual as your readers. 

Our two flexibility drivers give you the full range of options: 

  1. COPL, our own easy-to-learn programming language for advanced definition of campaign parameters above and beyond all the standard options in our cockpit.
  2. Our highly flexible APIs that allow you to basically import and export data of any kind and thus connect to all third-party systems.

Match requests, shape segments, vary paywalls and data walls, and adjust data exports and imports precisely to your requirements.

How Publishers Benefit from our Software

Real Time

CeleraOne provides a complete analytics and automation platform optimized for synchronous real-time processing of user data, content, device and machine signals, and instant results within milliseconds. Tracking and addressing actions are both in real time.

Enrich Data

Easy third-party integration with our standard APIs. This allows you to connect to any third-party system such as ERP, CRM, and BI solutions. Import and export all required data easily in Excel and in structured CSV file formats. Synchronize all data e.g. user, product, and purchase data with third-party systems.

High Safety & GDPR

Our platform is built for enduring scalable clusters with the highest traffic volumes, and data sizes with zero downtime. We store SSO-related business data safely in chronologically sorted streams of updates and keep months and even years of data in Main Memory. We store data securely and fully GDPR-compliant.

All-in-One Platform

Our All-in-One Platform is a comprehensive and adaptable publisher solution that includes SSO, audience development and all possible paywall options in one platform. You can implement all sophisticated modules according to your requirements. It includes everything publishers need for a successful paid content strategy and the best results.

Seamless Payment

Simplify the payment process for users who want to pay for your content with the CeleraOne Checkout. Use all your customers’ standard payment methods such as credit cards, SEPA, and Paypal. Integrate the checkout widget easily into your content or checkout page. Enable a frictionless payment process to increase your purchases.

Standard & Advanced

CeleraOne provides an easy-to-use cockpit where you can set up campaigns within minutes without code writing. Advanced users can use our own programming language (COPL) to directly change required campaign parameters in our backend. Custom changes can be done with maximum flexibility in real-time and can be released independently. No loss of performance and no need to involve the software supplier.

What our Customers Say About CeleraOne

“We put our readers and users in the foreground and offer them a brand experience that is tailored to them individually and in real time. Only in this way can we manage to create loyal users and bind them to our products and brands in the long term. Solid user identification and addressing options, coupled with the required targeting at the right time, provide the basis necessary to make paid content features really work.”
Nicolas L. Fromm
Nicolas L. Fromm
Managing Director Digital at mh:n digital gmbh
“With CeleraOne we have found a partner that provides scalable technical solutions and has experience of single sign-on and live CRM, but that is also excellently suited to our agile development team in terms of its methods and the way it works, and all of this adds up to a very good collaboration.”
Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
Former Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
“CeleraOne’s real-time-capable technology is a component of our future publication platform. The state-of-the-art identity management enables us to optimize our added value via intelligent paywalls while simultaneously providing a relevant information supply for our readers.”
Andreas Bossecker
Andreas Bossecker
CTIO bei NZZ Media Group in Zurich
“CeleraOne’s technology consistently combines data from different sources and extracts the most important information from big data in real time in order to target customers specifically. This enables us to continually optimize our digital product range.”
Christian Röpke
Christian Röpke
“CeleraOne enables us to provide personalized product recommendations in real time, even with our high access numbers, and to configure them dynamically.”
Samir Fadlallah
Samir Fadlallah
CIO and Managing Director at SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG
“Through real-time evaluation of dynamic rules, we can flexibly optimize – without any programming work – the time and criteria for activating our digital subscription models.”
Peter Buhr
Peter Buhr
Senior Consultant Digital & Innovations bei Axel Springer AG

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