Smart Paywalls are Key to Success

Paywalls that turn Users into Loyal Subscribers

Combining paywalls with audience development leads to a powerful and intelligent solution that enables publishers to convert readers based on their preferences and behavior.

Maximize Value

Get readers to understand that your content has value. Guide your readers slowly towards a subscription without scaring them off.
Paywalls should not stop users from reading your content, but rather ask for registration or user information to keep in contact and to convert them step-by-step to subscribers. There are a lot of options with intelligent paywalls that match each user’s tipping point towards a subscription.
Gradually move readers from an everything-is-free expectation to a willingness to pay!

Engage Readers

Knowing your readers and engaging them with content and offers that interest them establishes a lasting relationship with your product and drives strong customer loyalty.
Take data-driven decisions to personalize paywalls that engage with your readership. Use registrations for personalized content recommendations. Give your readers added value to increase their readiness to pay, and to keep paying customers engaged with your content.
Engage readers by sending the right message!

Increase Growth

The CeleraOne paywalls do more than just gate your content. They combine all the insights and intelligence of our audience development.
Paywalls recognize when a user has permission to view content, and identify the touchpoint of a user on its journey. For a seamless experience, content or offers are addressed in real time to the right person with the right message, and without any friction. Because this is all based on user data and behavior.
Empower your growth by using the full potential of our paywalls!

What is the Best Paywall Model?

With CeleraOne you can easily and flexibly set up different paywall types and paywall logics for each of your reader segments within minutes.


Paywalls are a crucial factor in monetizing digital content. They allow access to content for willing-to-subscribe users, enabling them to read the content behind the payment barrier that is not accessible to other readers. 

A Hard Paywall that pops up with the same offer for everyone would skim loyal readers who already want the product but would leave out anyone else if there is no intelligence behind the payment barrier. 

It is key to have a paid content strategy with Dynamic Paywall options that recognize how close the user is to a subscription, and that guide users through the conversion funnel. Ultimately, paywalls should not lead to decreasing page impressions and visitors but should engage readers to take actions while enabling the transformation of a loyal reader into a subscriber. 

Register & Data Wall

A good starting point is a Registration Wall where readers can gain access to articles by creating a user account. The content is still free for readers, but publishers acquire user contact information such as an email address, along with user behavior and motion-tracking data. Fill your lead funnel with intent users and nurture them with personalized communication. Recommend suitable content based on user interest in order to increase reader engagement. 

To enable user access with a quick registration, the registration form should not ask for too much user information all at once. A Data Wall is the best option to collect further user information in several steps. In order to activate further access to content, the user is paying with information rather than with money. Registration and data walls are excellent tools for filling the intent funnel with leads. 

Draw your registered users ever closer to a subscription with personalized messages, content, and offers. Address a Paywall when your user is willing to pay and convert intent leads into subscribers.

Paywall Logics

All paywalls can be triggered with a variety of logics such as Freemium, which provides free content as well as paid content. Aside from the free content, publishers offer premium content that is exclusive and especially interesting, with users willing to pay for it. 

The Metered  logic offers access to a certain amount of free-to-read content until the number of articles is exceeded. The reader gets a first impression of the offered content before a registration wall or paywall is displayed. 

A combination of Freemium and Metering is the Hybrid logic. Here there is free content alongside premium content. A new visitor can read a configurable number of free articles before being asked to register or subscribe for more access.

All Paywall and Data Wall options can be combined with all logics as required. 

More than a Simple Paywall

All Content Gates & Paywalls

You have a flexible variety of paywall options available to engage your readers for further actions: from registration & data wall to intelligent paywalls including check-out. Let readers register for your content and address them with a paywall when they are willing to pay.

All Paywall Logics

Use different logics such as freemium, metered, and hybrid for different user groups and different content. Let users read some of your content for free and convince readers of your product before converting them into subscribers. 


Get more than just a simple paywall. Our dynamic paywalls are based on sophisticated tracking and individual user segments. You can use various paywall types and logics per segment to address personalized offers. Use the intelligence behind our paywalls and get your reader engaged and ready for subscription.


Manage who can enter your site and choose the content for your different entitlements. With our flexible paywall options, you can refine the entitlements of your users based on time intervals, document type, past conversions, pages viewed, user events, devices, geolocation, ad blocking, and much more.

Seamless Payment

We provide you with your own checkout system, with which you can use all the usual PSPs (Payment Service Providers) such as credit cards, PayPal, SEPA, etc. Simplify the payment process for your subscribers and loyal customers by enabling a fast and easy checkout.

Flexible Offers

Create offers and digital products quickly and easily in the CeleraOne frontend or connect your ERP system. Subscriptions and orders are automatically synced back to your ERP. Combine different products into one offer and create prices directly in the cockpit, the frontend of CeleraOne. No code needs to be written.

“We put our readers and users in the foreground and offer them a brand experience that is tailored to them individually and in real time. Only in this way can we manage to create loyal users and bind them to our products and brands in the long term. Solid user identification and addressing options, coupled with the required targeting at the right time, provide the basis necessary to make paid content features really work.”
Nicolas L. Fromm
Nicolas L. Fromm
Managing Director Digital at mh:n digital gmbh
“With CeleraOne we have found a partner that provides scalable technical solutions and has experience of single sign-on and live CRM, but that is also excellently suited to our agile development team in terms of its methods and the way it works, and all of this adds up to a very good collaboration.”
Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
Former Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
“CeleraOne’s real-time-capable technology is a component of our future publication platform. The state-of-the-art identity management enables us to optimize our added value via intelligent paywalls while simultaneously providing a relevant information supply for our readers.”
Andreas Bossecker
Andreas Bossecker
CTIO bei NZZ Media Group in Zurich
“CeleraOne’s technology consistently combines data from different sources and extracts the most important information from big data in real time in order to target customers specifically. This enables us to continually optimize our digital product range.”
Christian Röpke
Christian Röpke
“CeleraOne enables us to provide personalized product recommendations in real time, even with our high access numbers, and to configure them dynamically.”
Samir Fadlallah
Samir Fadlallah
CIO and Managing Director at SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG
“Through real-time evaluation of dynamic rules, we can flexibly optimize – without any programming work – the time and criteria for activating our digital subscription models.”
Peter Buhr
Peter Buhr
Senior Consultant Digital & Innovations bei Axel Springer AG

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