Our Strength: Dynamic Paid Content

Paid Content is more than a Paywall

Manage the entire customer lifecycle of your readers and guide them through your lead funnel towards subscriptions using our dynamic paid content solution.

Uncover the 360° Customer View

How do you convince readers to pay for your content and products?

Get to know your readers first! Not all users are ready to pay for content that they formerly got for free. Identify who your loyal readers are, what content they are into, how many steps are needed to convert them to paying customers, and which offers trigger subscriptions.

Get complete insight into your user behavior with a 360° customer view of the entire lifecycle.  With our sophisticated tracking, analyzing and reporting platform you get the whole picture from all devices, whether your user visits your website, app, e-paper, or has a print subscription. 

See the steps in the customer funnel towards conversions and purchases. Set actions to get users into the purchase flow. Initiate the right steps toward profitability. 

Get Performing Customer Journeys

How do you build lasting and profitable relationships with your readers?

Keep your readers engaged! A holistic view of your users is the basis for setting up personalized actions that engage your readers. Create an advanced customer journey with automated segmentation and personalized actions that develops your readership into valuable readers and establishes lasting customer relationships.

Segment user data into groups and add actions and offers. Trigger reader engagement to lead users through the touchpoints of your customer journey towards a subscription. Convert willing-to-pay users into subscribers and guide readers towards this willingness to pay by personalizing actions along the lifecycle.

Optimize your customer relationship funnel to improve every interaction on the customer journey in order to increase the lifetime value. Focus your resources on the right steps to get the most out of your performance. 

Achieve Top Conversion Results

How do you keep customers happy and reduce bounce and churn rates?

Clean up the purchase funnel! Maximize the conversion finalization rate with a frictionless subscription and payment process. Start with a fast, simplified subscription and checkout form with all the payment options familiar to your readers. Easily integrate the checkout widget into your website and adapt it to your design.

Onboard your new subscribers with an easy confirmation process in one platform with opt-in management, confirmation e-mails, password reminders, and customer data completion. Keep your paying customers engaged by showing them that your content is worth paying for it, and send them reminders for recurring subscriptions.

Give your willing-to-pay readers the best customer experience possible, and enable a frictionless payment process to increase your reader revenue!

Win Subscriptions with Every Action on your Customer Journey

Guide your readers through multiple touchpoints on the way to a subscription and build lasting relationships with customers.

Timeline Timeline

Collect & Segment Data

Learn from your valuable data and understand your visitors by collecting behavior and motion data and by building user segments that shape the customer journey.


• Real-Time Tracking
• User Segmentation
• Retargeting of Anonymous User
• A/B Tests
• 3rd Party Data
• Analytics & Reports

Personalize Actions & Engage User

Use your holistic insights for personalizing actions to drive engagement and by that the propensity for conversion.

• Personalized Actions
• Flexible Data & Paywalls
• Content
• Recommendation
• User Feedback
• Reader History
• Ad Block Detection

Convert User to Subscriptions

Push individual offers with the fitting segments to the right audience and make the registration funnel as smooth as possible.

• Subscriber Funnel
• SSO & Social Login
• Opt-in Management
• Lean Registration
• Checkout with all Payment Options
• Purchase Flows
• In-App Purchase

Upsell & Retain Subscribers

Learn from your subscribers and give them the best customer experience to retain loyal subscribers and to increase the lifetime value.

• User Administration
• Personalized Upselling
• Voucher
• Renewal Notification
• Automated Recurring Subscriptions
• Cross Device Entitlements

Use All the Benefits for your Paid Content Strategy


Cover all phases and business models for content monetization with our comprehensive and adaptable publisher solution that includes SSO, audience development, and all possible paywall options in one platform. Our sophisticated features and modules include everything publishers need for a successful paid content strategy and best results. 

High Performing

Publishers achieve the highest performance results with our revenue engine. Develop your readership along your customer journey. Achieve greater revenue goals with automated and personalized processes. Work with high data traffic in real-time and convert the most promising users into subscribers.

Growth Driven

Develop scalable and profitable growth strategies. Generate more subscriptions through optimization processes. Observe what works best with A/B testings and use these insights for better results. Convert prospects and guide your readers along the purchase funnel to maximize revenue.


Publishers get an automated performance workflow. Deliver actions that fit precisely to the touchpoint a user is at. Address the right paywall type for the current action. Entitle users for content access individually and in real-time. Our solutions ensure that you achieve the best results. 


Our solution is more than just gating content. It uses all the data intelligence to establish a real and personalized relationship between publishers and readers. It is a solution to grow your readership’s readiness to pay and it escorts users to further touchpoints on your user journey.


Our solution distributes all user actions in highly scalable segments. This enables perfectly tailored personalized actions for reaching out to your readers at the right moment. Give your readers an exceptional customer experience with content and offers that appeal to them.

What Customers Say About CeleraOne

“We put our readers and users in the foreground and offer them a brand experience that is tailored to them individually and in real time. Only in this way can we manage to create loyal users and bind them to our products and brands in the long term. Solid user identification and addressing options, coupled with the required targeting at the right time, provide the basis necessary to make paid content features really work.”
Nicolas L. Fromm
Nicolas L. Fromm
Managing Director Digital at mh:n digital gmbh
“With CeleraOne we have found a partner that provides scalable technical solutions and has experience of single sign-on and live CRM, but that is also excellently suited to our agile development team in terms of its methods and the way it works, and all of this adds up to a very good collaboration.”
Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
Former Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
“CeleraOne’s real-time-capable technology is a component of our future publication platform. The state-of-the-art identity management enables us to optimize our added value via intelligent paywalls while simultaneously providing a relevant information supply for our readers.”
Andreas Bossecker
Andreas Bossecker
CTIO bei NZZ Media Group in Zurich
“CeleraOne’s technology consistently combines data from different sources and extracts the most important information from big data in real time in order to target customers specifically. This enables us to continually optimize our digital product range.”
Christian Röpke
Christian Röpke
“CeleraOne enables us to provide personalized product recommendations in real time, even with our high access numbers, and to configure them dynamically.”
Samir Fadlallah
Samir Fadlallah
CIO and Managing Director at SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG
“Through real-time evaluation of dynamic rules, we can flexibly optimize – without any programming work – the time and criteria for activating our digital subscription models.”
Peter Buhr
Peter Buhr
Senior Consultant Digital & Innovations bei Axel Springer AG

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