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Media Pioneers membership-based Subscription Model

16 Dec, 2020 - 1 minutes read
Media Pioneers membership-based Subscription Model

Max Franke, COO of Media Pioneer, talks about how the media startup launched a membership-based subscription model with its newsletters, podcasts, and paid content. He discusses the challenges and learnings Media Pioneer encountered during its journey and reflects on future plans.

In the video session you can learn more about:

  • Media Pioneers membership-based-subscription-model
  • What is the pricing and acquisition strategy
  • How user feedback is used to optimize products
  • Mobile-first approach and audio-focused product
  • How to reach users and create a reader-friendly experience
  • Key learnings and future plans 

About Max Franke:

Max Franke is COO at Media Pioneer and enriches the Media Pioneer team with his experience in large companies, as well as successful start-ups like Amazon and epubli. Max is responsible for the digital music portfolio of Axel Springer. He was a speaker for Jan Bayer, a member of the Board of Management of Axel Springer before he joined Media Pioneer.

About Media Pioneer:

Media Pioneer is the first journalistic startup founded by Gabor Steingart with ThePioneer as a common stage for all publications since May 2020. ThePioneer aims to establish an independent, pluralistic, and participatory political and business journalism that foregoes advertising revenue in all editorial formats and relies on reader participation. In addition to various newsletters, infographics, and podcasts The Pioneer crew uses the world’s first media ship, ThePioneer One, as a floating newsroom, production location, and stage for live journalism.

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