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How publishers increase reader engagement

20 Jul, 2021 - 5 minutes read
How publishers increase reader engagement

The best tactic to motivate readers to subscribe or remain loyal subscribers is to increase reader engagement. Readers with a high level of engagement tend to be more willing to buy and renew existing subscriptions.

Important indicators of high engagement are the number of page views, the frequency of visits, and the average time spent.

So how can publishers increase these indicators and thus increase the engagement of their readers?

A crucial point is to enable readers to have a personal user experience through content that is precisely tailored to them. By personalizing the content displayed, publishers strengthen their brand with their readers and retain them more closely. Read more about how publishers personalize their news pages according to reader interests. And how to give them a tailor-made user experience.

Personalization and Dynamization of the Website

Publishers can activate their readers’ engagement and increase subscriptions and retainments by personalizing and dynamizing the website with the CeleraOne Recommender System.

Display the most relevant content for your users with the recommender system. The order of the displayed sections is based on the reading history of the user.

Readers see individually aligned content on the homepage and other landing pages, as can be seen here in the NWZ example.

CeleraOne dynamic website

With the display of relevant content, the user experience improves considerably. So the reader can see at a glance what is most valuable to him personally. It helps readers stay on the news page longer and when viewing the content that is best for them skipping less content.

Articles and Content Recommendations

The other component of the Recommender System is similar articles. Here, on the one hand, similar articles match the content already read by the user.

On the other hand, it also recommends content that is most popular with readers with similar profiles. The displayed content is based on individual clustering and can fall within the subject areas preferred by the reader and beyond it.

Readers can see even more content from their area of ​​interest. In addition, it also opens up new topics that users could likely be interested in. For publishers, this means more page impressions and longer session times, which also helps the advertising business.

CeleraOne article recommendation

Besides, based on this data, publishers can personalize their newsletter with individualized article recommendations. This increases the likelihood that users will feel addressed by the content offered and will access it on the news page.

To not display already read articles to users, the recommender system automatically excludes these from the recommendations. If legal problems arise with the content, the recommender technology also excludes certain articles from the display. That ensures that readers always get the latest and most relevant content. 


Personalized content plays a significant role in reader engagement. Readers want to have access to high-quality content throughout the entire lifecycle.

To give your readers what they want, you need to:

  • Offer more stories about the topics the reader is interested in.
  • Show the most popular articles of the user segment, even if they are not falling directly in the users’ interest.
  • Personalize your news pages according to the readers’ interest to use the valuable space on the relevant content.

Publishers can do this with the CeleraOne Recommender technology by personalizing content and making the website dynamic. This enables publishers to engage their readers more and establish a strong bond with their brand. This is critical to both successful reader-to-subscriber conversions and retention of subscribers. Also, the most engaged readers are the ones with the greatest reader revenues.

With the right technology for content recommendations and dynamic websites, publishers can create the best user experience for their readers. Publishers can increase reader engagement and an optimized user experience with the CeleraOne Recommender Engine that tailor content precisely to the needs of the users.

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