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How to convert users into subscribers on a news website

16 Dec, 2020 - 1 minutes read
How to convert users into subscribers on a news website

Joachim Dreykluft, Head of HHLab and member of chief edition and online chief editor at Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitungsverlags sh:z, shares insights about the re-definition of “quality” and the impact of “reliability” in publishing. He discusses how to convert users into subscribers on a news website.

In the video session you can learn more about:

  • How to convert users to customers on a news website
  • Changes in paid content strategies
  • How to transform users into first-time customers
  • Funnel strategies and KPIs to measure successes
  • How to build learnings from your measurement into your strategy
  • Leverage of KPIs strategies
  • How reliability helps to make users come again and make them stay
  • What is the definition of quality in journalism
  • How a shift in definition helps to convert more users into subscribers

About Joachim Dreykluft:

Joachim leads the HHLab and is a member of the editorship and online editor-in-chief of the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher sh: z. In this role, he also leads the editorial department of Schleswig-Holstein’s largest news website, In his career, Joachim went through radio, news agency, corporate communication, magazine, and online. He was Deputy Head of News Print and Digital at Financial Times Deutschland until 2012.

About HHLab:

HHLab is the research and development department of the merged regional media houses NOZ MEDIEN and mh: n MEDIEN. Since January 2018, Journalists, developers, and UX experts have been working together on the future of journalism at HHLab.

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