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Hanser Verlag Go-Live

16 Dec, 2020 - 2 minutes read
Hanser Verlag Go-Live

We are excited to announce the HANSER Verlag go-live of CeleraOne paid content software for: 

  • Form + Werkzeug 
  • HANSER automotive
  • WB Werkstatt + Betrieb
  • Kunststoffe (Go-Live in January 2021)
  • Kunststoffe International (Go-Live in January 2021)
  • QZ (Go-Live in January 2021)

These technical magazines titles are specialized in the manufacturing industry, and Kunststoffe and QZ are both market leaders in their fields.

Hanser industry magazines cover a wide range of technical topics for an engineer target group. The quality and exclusivity of the content are the benchmark and trademark. In close cooperation with the respective industrial sectors, trends are mapped and new developments highlighted.

Hanser Verlag has chosen CeleraOne as a paid content provider to build a subscription funnel based on user data. Together with the leading project manager at Hanser Norbert Schmid and his team and CeleraOne Partner Sternwald, planning and implementation of the portals were carried out.

Working closely with the team, we will be helping them to implement a target-group-specific approach and to get to know their readers. 

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