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Diversity in the Workplace

05 Jul, 2021 - 2 minutes read
Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is a topic that is currently dominating the media. However, diverseness and equality are essential not only in sport but also in the workplace. In this article, we clarify why diversity is so important in companies.

CeleraOne and Axel Springer show their colors for diversity! Because for us, it is imperative to live diversity in the company. Diverseness in our team means, above all, an excellent opportunity for us.

As a subsidiary of Axel Springer, we have the option of participating in programs and networks such as Axel Springer queerseite or Axel Springer Women. It allows employees to actively help shape and promote the topics of diverseness and inclusion at Axel Springer.

To gain a better insight into the topic, we asked our HR manager Tobi about diversity in our company.

What does diversity mean at CeleraOne?

Diversity is the norm for us and primarily one of our greatest strengths. We have a team that comprises employees of different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, age groups, genders, sexual identities, and that does an excellent job every day. To give this even more weight, we have explicitly anchored diversity as a corporate value.

Why is it important for CeleraOne?

On the one hand, diverse teams achieve the best results. On the other hand, lived diversity does justice to reality – especially in Berlin. We want all employees to feel accepted in their entirety for their personality and lifestyle. It is the only way to ensure long-term collaboration in which everyone can fully exploit their potential.

How do you implement diversity management in the company?

We create visibility and a clear commitment to the topic of diversity by including and implementing it in our canon of values. Externally we show this for example in social networks with the LGTBQ + logo for the Pride season. We also support various life and family models in the company, e.g., through voluntary continued payment of wages in the event of illness of one’s children. Nevertheless, in case of discrimination, a manager is available to all employees. Those affected can directly contact our external complaints office for this purpose anonymously and free of charge and receive competent support there.

What is CeleraOne doing specifically for gender equality?

We regret that the IT industry is still a male domain. We notice this in particular with the incoming applications for advertised developer positions. However, to be part of the solution, we, in particular, focus on promoting young women. Our success proves us correct: 50% of our trainees are female. 100% of all working students have received a job offer after graduation and started as junior software engineers successfully.

What will diversity management focus on at CeleraOne in the future?

As part of the Axel Springer group, we can achieve significantly more than we could as a single company. Here we see more opportunities for cooperation in the future. Not just during the Pride season.


We are convinced that our ambitious corporate goals can only be achieved together as a team. The cultural diversity at CeleraOne is one of our greatest strengths and makes us proud. We are pleased to combine different professional skills, nationalities, age groups, and genders in our team. We pay great attention to equality and appreciation. Our work culture of mutual support is deeply rooted in the mindset of our team members.

Your origin, nationality, age, gender, skin color, disability, religion, or sexual orientation do not matter.

At CeleraOne, we live diversity, and that is what makes our team so valuable.

If diversity is also so important to you, apply now and become part of our team!

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