Case Study NWZ


The Nordwest-Zeitung is the regional newspaper with the highest edition for northwestern Lower Saxony, which is published every day except Sundays with various local editions.


99.114 Sold Editions*
2,2 Mio.  Unique User**
17,7 Mio. Page Impressions***
7,8 Mio. Visits***

**(04/20, lt. AGOF)
***(04/20, lt. IVW)





Uses CeleraOne
  • Since 2014
  • Paywalls
  • Audience Development
  • Website personalization with the CeleraOne recommender system

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CeleraOne helps NWZ to monetize its digital content

With a print edition of almost 100,000, the NWZ is one of the largest and most innovative German-speaking local newspapers. There has been a digital edition since 1996, which is published at the same time as the printed daily newspaper and generates a share of the total edition of more than 15 percent.

The NWZ was already looking for a paid content solution in 2013, making it one of the first among regional and national newspaper publishers in the German-speaking market. The background to this was the realization that the decline in revenue from print subscriptions could not be fully offset by online advertising revenues. As a result of innovation processes, a solution was sought that would deliver long-term success.

In 2014, the NWZ opted for the paid content solution from CeleraOne.

“We have looked at various paid content solutions and CeleraOne was the best fit from the price-performance ratio. The highlights of CeleraOne, in my opinion, are the in-memory technology and paywalls that are fast, can withstand heavy traffic and always work.”
Daniel Schütte
Daniel Schütte
Head of Online Product Development at NWZ
Diagram of online only subscriptions of the NWZ from 2015 to 2019.
Online subscription sales have been increasing steadily since the NWZ started using online paywall strategies. Source: NWZ

The biggest challenge was not the technical migration process, but the introduction of readers to the subscription model. How could you create a paid content strategy with paywalls without deterring readers?

Therefore, in 2014 the NWZ started with a registration wall. Users had to register after 5 articles to continue reading online content for free. In 2015 the metered model followed, which showed a subscription offer after a user has read 10 articles. From March 2018, the NWZ started with the hybrid paywall from CeleraOne, which is a mixture of freemium (free content and fee-based premium content) and a metered paywall. With this strategy, the NWZ would increase its online subscriptions almost six-times by April 2020.

“With the smart paywalls of CeleraOne we are able to introduce the subscription model step by step to our readers. We communicate to readers our value proposition and that the content is worth paying for. As a regional daily newspaper, we have the advantage that our news is always up to date and readers are getting to know first what is happening in the community with us.”
Daniel Schütte
Daniel Schütte
Head of Online Product Development at NWZ