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Easy Way for Publishers reaching their B2B target group with Company Subscriptions

03 Jun, 2021 - 2 minutes read
Easy Way for Publishers reaching their B2B target group with Company Subscriptions

Why company subscriptions are significant for publishers

Advertising revenues fell sharply in 2020, but revenues from subscriptions have become increasingly important for publishers. This trend will continue. However, when the demand for information normalizes again, publishers will have to look for new growth opportunities.

However, where will the undiscovered potential lie if subscription growth slows down again after the corona pandemic?

Many publishers are now discovering the B2B customer business to acquire subscribers in larger quantities. B2B sales still hold great potential for many publishers, as the B2B subscription market is growing steadily. Bulk subscriptions will also become more and more relevant for news publishers to attract new readers and increase subscription business.

Corporate Subscriptions with CeleraOne Atoms

With CeleraOne Atoms, publishers can offer bulk subscriptions for digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions. That makes it possible to meet the information needs of companies, schools, universities, libraries, and other organizations.

In this way, subscription and access rights can be acquired and used for several users at once. Organizations can assign these to employees so that each user can use their account.

Enterprises can access the digital premium content of publishers as ePaper, in the usual layout on the website, or in news apps. We support news apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

With the CeleraOne Atoms feature, companies can see in a dashboard how many access rights they have already assigned to employees and how many are still available. In addition, you can reassign the access rights, i.e., you can also return them and redistribute them.

New users get access rights via the SSO ID. Accordingly, the transfer is only possible to registered users. Publishers can use their own SSO or the CeleraOne Single Sign-on.

Benefits of Bulk Subscriptions

Without the option of a company subscription feature, either all employees would have to use the same login, or each employee would have to make a purchase themselves. The former would not be practical for the publisher when it comes to personalization. The latter would be very time-consuming and unhandy for the company if you want to negotiate a volume discount.

With company subscriptions, publishers achieve further scaling effects in addition to their B2C target group. With the CeleraOne Atoms feature, trade magazines can now integrate their B2B target group into their ePaper, online magazine, or app in addition to print and keep them up to date. And in addition to special conditions, collective monthly billing and debiting are possible.

Discover the potential of B2B sales for your subscription business and expand your target group by offering company subscriptions with the CeleraOne Atoms feature. Request a demo now!

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