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Get to know Marion from our Project Management Team.

Hello, my name is Marion, and I am working as Senior IT Project Manager at CeleraOne.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is the high expertise in the teams. I have the feeling to grow and to be pushed forward, which is essential to me.

In Berlin, I enjoy riding my bike to a market or a beer garden on sunny days.

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Get to know Daniel from our Tech Consulting Team.

Hi, my name is Daniel, and at the beginning of 2021, I joined CeleraOne as a technical consultant.

As part of the customer-facing team, I work closely with clients as well as support internal development. This way, our developers do not need to interact directly with customers.

The great thing about CeleraOne is the new and unique challenges we encounter every day. But we are surrounded by international, thoughtful, and fun colleagues, which puts us halfway to resolve our tasks and learn new things. And as you may know, learning in this field is a lifelong process.

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Get to know Steffen from our Technology Team.

Hey, my name is Steffen, and I work as Director Technology at CeleraOne. I thus overlook our software development and our IT operations.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is to be part of a team of highly talented and inspiring people. Even more than that, the time of the pandemic, where we shifted to remote work early, has particularly proven that we are a real team, where people care for one another and help each other, not just with work-related topics.

With this team, we have built and provide a powerful product to our customers, allowing them to do amazing things to be paid by their readers for the independent journalism they provide.

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Get to know Claudia from our Engineering Team.

Hello, my name is Claudia, and I am an apprentice at CeleraOne.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is the diversity regarding ethnicity or cultural background and education and expertise.The environment at CeleraOne is very welcoming and fosters growth in many different aspects.

As an apprentice, I am being supported greatly while getting the necessary space to grow and learn by myself while working on exciting projects.

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Get to know Khanh from our Infrastructure & DevOps Team.

My name is Khanh, and I am from Vietnam.

I have been working at CeleraOne as a System Engineer for 2 years.

My favorite thing about my job and my team is the cooperative behavior of my colleagues and the focus on automating tedious processes.

I like my job because technologies change rapidly. I have to adapt constantly. That makes my working days exciting, and it never gets boring.

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Get to know Oliver from our IT Infrastructure & DevOps Team. 

Hi, my name is Oliver, and I’m working in the System Operations department since 2013.

My favorite thing about CeleraOneis to work with professional engineers from around the world and the high degree of diversity.

I love to deep dive into problems and find out how to solve them. The opportunity to get in touch with the latest technology helps us to improve our tech stack. There’s something new to explore daily.

I’m happy to work in a team with many success stories to tell, and the sense of humor is awesome. That makes CeleraOne the best employer for me.

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Get to know Kashika from our Developer Team.

Hello, my name is Kashika, and I work as a Python Back-End Developer at CeleraOne.

My journey with CeleraOne began as being onboarded as a working student. The process was exciting and challenging, which helped me understand various concepts, thus enhancing my career.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is working with a diversified international team and the way we unite together to deliver value to our customers.

My favorite place in Berlin would be Friedrichstraße, which has a peaceful vibe by the spree and many exciting options for food and coffee.

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Get to know Renata from our Product Team.

Hello, my name is Renata, and I am working as Product Manager at CeleraOne.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is the great team, with people who always work together and help each other. Not even the remote setup changed this.

The product is very challenging and pushes me to learn new things almost every day.

Also, I have the chance to live in Berlin, one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the very busy life here, including theatres, bars, clubs, and also parks and nature.

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Get to know Patrick from our Project Management Team.

Hi, my name is Patrick, and I am working as a Senior IT Project Manager at CeleraOne.

My favorite thing about CeleraOne is the professional and, at the same time, family-like environment. It is nice to have people around that you can rely on in these challenging times.

What I like about Berlin the most is the many lakes and rivers in and around the city, which are easy to reach and invite you to relax.

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Our Corporate Values

Journalistic content has a value! Diversified and investigative journalism will only exist in the future if we as a society consciously support the media industry. We at CeleraOne have made it our aim to act as a digital ambassadors and to help the media with our technical expertise to be able to realize sustainable development in their digital business.



We are convinced that our ambitious corporate goals can only be achieved jointly as a team. The cultural diversity at CeleraOne is one of our greatest strengths and fills us with pride. Our work culture of mutual support is deeply anchored in the mindset of our employees. We think globally, for our customers in Germany and abroad and with team members from all over the world, and act locally, as a Berlin company, ensuring that this diversity results in a powerful team and a high-performance product. Every thought and action at CeleraOne spans across departments for the benefit of the entire company. Egoism and discrimination of any kind are not be tolerated. This applies both within the company and when selecting and working with external customers and partners.



As a young and tech-savvy company, we are able to react quickly to market conditions in a solution-oriented manner. We drive progress through innovation and creativity. Our industry is fast-paced and constantly changing – flexibility, interdisciplinarity, agility and sustainable thinking and action are our key skills. We maintain our lead through regular optimization of our tech stack, as well as through continuous improvement of internal processes. 

In addition, we rely on the professional development of our employees as part of the CeleraOne Training Academy.



Trust is the basis of every cooperation. We at CeleraOne place great trust in the competence and word of every person involved, both internally and in cooperation with customers and partners. Among other things, this means: transparent communication of objectives, strategies and results. We support and encourage all employees to think and act independently and provide them with the necessary freedom and opportunities to do this. We also promote trust and transparency by turning the people concerned into participants and involving them in decisions.



Customers and partners are the focus at CeleraOne. We also appear as an excellent employer. Everyone’s satisfaction is our goal. We create sustainable and measurable added value in every area. We pool forces and resources so that products and services will continue to meet high demands in the future.

At CeleraOne, we take responsibility and feel duty bound to deliver optimal quality in order to maintain and expand our position as the market leader for intelligent paid content solutions.



We respect and value everyone for their individuality and for their achievements. Sincere thanks and praise are just as much a part of the feedback culture as constructive criticism. Appropriate formats foster individual development, which ultimately ensures the company’s success.

We also unreservedly convey the respectful and cooperative approach externally in our cooperation with customers and partners.

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