Win Subscribers by Developing your Readership

Intelligent Audience Development is Key for Your Success

Trigger the right actions to develop your readers into paying, loyal customers. Base your actions on tracking data and user segmentation.


Base your strategic decisions on data and see where your conversions are coming from!
Track all behaviors of anonymous and registered users. Get real-time insights into your visitors. Track each individual user across all devices and platforms to analyze every action on all of your sites, brands, and apps.
CeleraOne helps you explore the value of your user data and trigger the best conversion.


Segment all visitors in intelligent user groups to depict every step on the user journey!
Channel and meet user expectations on every single touchpoint. Create personalized offers for each segment to drive engagement and intent. Guide users to further actions that lead to a conversion.
CeleraOne helps you to easily target automatically filled user groups with different campaigns.


Add specific rules to every user segment that trigger personalized actions such as offers and messages in order to engage and convert users.
Optimize your subscriber acquisition and retention strategies by setting A/B tests and seeing what works best. Increase the likelihood of a conversion by dynamically personalizing the user journey.
CeleraOne supports you in creating a user experience that drives the highest reader revenue.

Develop User Intent to Increase Subscriptions

Audience development is the data-driven trigger behind intelligent paywalls and the most important factor for the success of your paid content strategy.

Win Subscribers

Acquire new paying customers by developing your readership. 

Audience development goes far beyond tracking and collecting the data of your website visitors. It helps transform your readership from fly-by readers to loyal ones to subscribers by understanding and segmenting them, and giving them the right actions. Segmenting readers into user groups and automatically addressing rule-based actions gives you the dynamic that lead funnel automation can provide.  

Optimize Conversion

Understand what works best for your readers. See the results using A/B tests and make data-driven decisions.  

Use what you have learned for future campaigns and offers. Optimize the touchpoints that convert subscribers by delivering better content and offers. Use your resources in the best possible way and gain results that have an impact.

Boost Revenue

A successful subscription is just the beginning. The main goal is to keep your paying customers and increase the lifetime value. 

Also crucial to increasing your reader revenue sustainably are recurring subscriptions and upselling offers for other services and publications within your publishing house.

Increase Retention

Increase your subscriber base and hold onto it as paying customers! It takes more time and costs more to convert users to new subscribers than to retain the loyalty of your paying customers.

Strengthen the bond with your customers by keeping them engaged with your content and adding value. Give your paying customers the best user experience by making it easy to access your content and adding services to increase brand loyalty while keeping your churn rate down.

Enjoy all the Performance-Driven Advantages


Track all first-party motion and behavioral actions of registered and anonymous users relating to content, usage, time, devices, location, registration, and purchases. Get insights into all user preferences and enrich user properties with data of third-party providers.


Segment all users into intelligent user groups. This is the basis for automated access control and personalized user communication. Create readership segmentation and tailor readers’ journeys to your needs. Segment in real time, across devices and platforms.

Personalized Actions

Set dynamic rules for your personalized offers and align your paid content strategy with the performance steps of the user intent. Send personalized offers triggered by a certain action, and time. 
Guide users through the lead funnel towards a conversion. 

Optimize Subscription Path

Tailor the path to subscription for each user to monetize your content. Optimize the customer journey by testing user segments and offers. Lead your user to conversion by personalizing actions to maximize revenue. Build up customer loyalty by keeping users engaged with your content to increase the lifetime value.  Create a bond with your brand by improving the customer experience for retention.

A/B Testing

Evaluate the performance of all offers, rules, and page templates of offers for each segment with A/B tests. Find out what works best for which user group. See the preferences of different user groups and optimize with these insights to make data-driven decisions for successful campaigns that convert. 

Conversion Analytics

Analyze the success of your paid content model based on KPIs such as user and purchase behavior in real time. Create reports for sales and registration conversions. See which content leads to purchases and get an overview of active subscriptions.

What Customers Say About CeleraOne

“We put our readers and users in the foreground and offer them a brand experience that is tailored to them individually and in real time. Only in this way can we manage to create loyal users and bind them to our products and brands in the long term. Solid user identification and addressing options, coupled with the required targeting at the right time, provide the basis necessary to make paid content features really work.”
Nicolas L. Fromm
Nicolas L. Fromm
Managing Director Digital at mh:n digital gmbh
“With CeleraOne we have found a partner that provides scalable technical solutions and has experience of single sign-on and live CRM, but that is also excellently suited to our agile development team in terms of its methods and the way it works, and all of this adds up to a very good collaboration.”
Johannes Vogel
Johannes Vogel
Former Managing Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH
“CeleraOne’s real-time-capable technology is a component of our future publication platform. The state-of-the-art identity management enables us to optimize our added value via intelligent paywalls while simultaneously providing a relevant information supply for our readers.”
Andreas Bossecker
Andreas Bossecker
CTIO bei NZZ Media Group in Zurich
“CeleraOne’s technology consistently combines data from different sources and extracts the most important information from big data in real time in order to target customers specifically. This enables us to continually optimize our digital product range.”
Christian Röpke
Christian Röpke
“CeleraOne enables us to provide personalized product recommendations in real time, even with our high access numbers, and to configure them dynamically.”
Samir Fadlallah
Samir Fadlallah
CIO and Managing Director at SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG
“Through real-time evaluation of dynamic rules, we can flexibly optimize – without any programming work – the time and criteria for activating our digital subscription models.”
Peter Buhr
Peter Buhr
Senior Consultant Digital & Innovations bei Axel Springer AG

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