Steel manufacturing know-how

We work closely together with a network of experienced steel manufacturing experts and bring our joint expertise to all of our projects.

Big data know-how

We have many years of practical experience in machine learning and predictive analytics in a range of industry sectors.

Project experience

We have deep process experience of IT projects in large companies and can deliver on time, on budget and in quality.

Full-service solution

We offer a full-service solution for quality optimization and data integration across all process steps – optimized for steel manufacturing.


Our technology is highly flexible. We can map every process model and integrate into every environment.

Standard & customised

Our highly standardized core technology guarantees long-term stability. At the same time, we are geared towards the flexible development of customer-specific modules.


Our architecture is designed redundantly and does not contain any single point of failure. All data is replicated at multiple storage locations. Primary and secondary systems are exactly synchronized to the millisecond.

Partitioning against attacks from outside

On request, the system can be installed in your computer centre and be completely shielded from the outside world. Our team provides support in reinforcing the infrastructure.

Deployment and integration

We support deployments without downtimes and provide standard interfaces. Our state-of-the-art API technology facilitates the integration with existing systems.

We look forward to presenting our solution to you